Thursday, February 5, 2009

More on readings for 2/12

In my end-of-seminar fried brain today I neglected to say a few things about next week's reading that I wanted to say.

The Gledhill, Brunsdon, and Kuhn articles are all about feminist film and media scholars trying to grapple with how to study feminine pleasures and genres without turning wholeheartedly to a psychoanalytic approach or one that focuses exclusively on what texts do to us. They are thus more theoretical. I suggest reading Brunsdon before Kuhn because Kuhn references the Brunsdon piece.

The other two are more attempts at exploring the gendered address of various media forms in ways that take up some of the first group's ideas. The two Fiske chapters examine gendered TV genres. Please note: this was written in the late 1980s and references some long-gone shows: The A Team! The Bobo piece seeks to understand how black women audiences responded to the film The Color Purple and, amongst other things, illustrates a more "social audience"-centered approach.

On the whole, then, in addition to the questions of the specific gendering of various forms, we will be looking at the ways that scholars have tried to find ways of thinking about these issues that balance a number of different approaches and concerns--an important theoretical shift away from where we were this week.

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